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First reaction to Wonder Womans new outfit


First reaction to Wonder Womans new outfit



Hack/Slash - Cassie Hack. Fave female character ever? probably. What it’s about Current ongoing series.

Nextwave - 3 of the main protagonists are badass females. What it’s about

Y: The last man - The main character might be a male (and his monkey) but 99.99% of the other characters are female because all the males died. Agent 355 is badass as fuck.

Rat Queens - You want one cool female lead? How about 4? This modern spin on an old school genre is a violent monster-killing epic that is like Buffy meets Tank Girl in a Lord of the Rings world on crack! This is an ongoing series.

Saga - Alana is one of the main protagonists in this sci-fi space opera epic. She kicks butt. And so does her mother in law and teenage ghost babysitter. Current ongoing series.

Sex Criminals - When suzie has sex time stops. Butt stuff. Current ongoing series.

American Vampire - Pearl jones is a struggling actress in 1920’s america but then she gets a bad case of vampirism and becomes an AMERICAN VAMPIRE. Current ongoing series.

Global Frequency - Miranda Jones runs a network of 1001 people who can be called upon at any time to save the world. And Aleph her tech person is awesome as well.

Anna Mercury - Anna travels between parallel worlds and kicks arse.


There’s also current Marvel titles Ms. Marvel, Elektra and She-Hulk which are really good. Storm is getting a series soon as well. Should be awesome.

Feel free to add your own.
Also.. i find it funny that i can like all of these female characters but can still be called a misogynist because i say i’m not a fan of black widow.


Irish rugby player - Gordon D’arcy and his mighty beard - Imgur


Irish rugby player - Gordon D’arcy and his mighty beard - Imgur


Doodling the Right Thing

With a few humble doodles, I think Google may have created the most widely-seen, and perhaps the most influential, science communication effort on Earth. Their series of Google search page tributes to female scientists (a few of which I’ve shared above) is a huge win for showcasing the efforts of women in science, which, unless you’ve been living under a very patriarchal rock for the past forever, you know is something the world needs very badly. 

It might seem silly to be talking about a picture like this, but we’re dealing with the Times Square billboard of internet graphics here. Every day, 730 million people visit Google.com a total of 17 billion times. Billion. Granted, not all of them see the same Google doodle, as only a small set of them are “global” doodles, but even if just 10% of daily unique visitors see a particular doodle, and just 10% of those people take the time to figure out who/what they’re looking at, that means 7+ million people a day (and that doesn’t even take into account repeated visits). I suspect that’s a low estimate, too, although I base that on nothing except my own optimism.

For comparison, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey drew just over 3 million U.S. viewers for its final episode. I’ll concede that’s not really a fair comparison, since Cosmos is a highly-produced, hour-long scripted TV series with very broad and lofty goals and a Google doodle is, well, a picture on the internet. The point I’m trying to make is not that Cosmos is less influential than a cartoon, because that’s ridiculous (although I must admit the more I think about it, I really don’t know how ridiculous it is). My point is that a Google doodle about science reaches a metric f**kton of people.

I am having a hard time thinking of another single Internet Thing that has the potential to reach so many people in a single day. No meme-filled Facebook page or educational YouTube channel comes close, and I don’t suspect any traditional science news/media sites are even in the ballpark. 

Google still has a long way to go to bring their doodle gender representation anywhere close to level. According to SPARK, only 17% of doodles between 2001-2013 were women (and 74% of them were white people). I can’t find the numbers, but on the bright side it seems like 2014 has showcased a high percentage of women in the doodles. In addition to monitoring women featured in doodles, the blog Speaking Up For Us keeps a running list of doodle-worthy women.Despite that remaining imbalance, I think this is an incredible effort on the part of Google, and we should demand even more doodles of underrepresented groups (both in science and beyond).

Can something so passive make any difference? To be honest, I don’t know, but I suspect that it does. When people only see one type of person recognized for accomplishing the Great Scientific Things of history, they consciously and subconsciously assume that only that type of person actually accomplishes Great Scientific Things. That is how underrepresented people stay underrepresented, which is the opposite thing we want to happen.

Google doodles aren’t going to cure cancer or send a human to Mars, but they just might help inspire the person who does. Not bad for a drawing.

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La esperanza es el sentimiento más estúpido del ser humano, deberíamos dejar de anhelar y desear cosas mejores, porque simplemente no hay nada mejor ni nada perfecto para hacernos felices, somos felices porque así engañamos al tiempo, hasta que el acto termina